• Clemens Wilhelm: Simulacra, video still, Video HD, 33’, Shenzhen (CN), 2015
  • David Benforado: Blue-White, 60 x 60 cm, oil on canvas, 2017
  • Hannah van Ginkel: Und Ich habe keinen Bock, 39 x 32,5 cm, Collage, 2016
  • Kuno Ebert: Hauptversammlung, wall installation, size variable, Acrystal, 2012
  • Daniel Wiesenfeld: Snakes and Ladders 1, gouache on panels, 100 x 90 cm, 2016

Clemens Wilhelm, Daniel Wiesenfeld, David Benforado, Hannah van Ginkel, Kuno Ebert

Huuto – HilbertRaum (Berlin) exchange of exhibitions: NO NET WORKING

Pikkujätkä 13.5.-28.5.2017

HilbertRaum (DE)
David Benforado, Kuno Ebert, Hannah van Ginkel, Daniel Wiesenfeld, Clemens Wilhelm

Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari Pop up & Pikkujätkä
13.5. – 28.5.2017

All Galleria Huuto’s exhibitions are open also on Ascension Day Thursday 25th May 2017, welcome!

The artist-run space HilbertRaum is pleased to present ‘NO NET WORKING’ at Huuto. Reflecting the diversity of HilbertRaum the five participating artists will show work that is quite different from each other in its artistic approach and the materials used.

In the autumn 2017 it’s Huuto’s turn to take over HilbertRaum with five of its members. We’re looking forward to this opportunity to join forces with Huuto in this exchange of exhibitions and introduce each other’s work to a new audience without the constraints and hierarchies of the commercial art world. And it’s a perfect reason to visit a beautiful, vibrant city!

See you soon in Helsinki!

An independent, non-commercial and artist-run project space running since 2015 and located in Neukölln, Berlin. HilbertrRaum is run by 16 artists, who take turns curating and organizing exhibitions throughout the year. Projects incorporate a broad range of painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation and performance.

The exchange between Huuto and HilbertRaum:
This exhibition is the first part of an exchange project between HilbertRaum and Galleria Huuto. The second part will be an exhibition arranged in September-October at HilbertRaum’s gallery with artists Mikko Kallio, Pasi Mälkiä, Minna Suoniemi, Tatu Tuominen ja Marja Viitahuhta showing their work.

Daniel Wiesenfeld: daniel.wiesenfeld(a)stockwerke.com
HilbertRaum: www.hilbertraum.org/
HilbertRaum – Reuterstr. 31 – 12047 Berlin