• I'm12
  • Aura Saarikoski
  • Eeva Hannula
  • Heini Vanhanen
  • Hertta Kiiski
  • Hilja Mustonen
  • Jussi Virkkumaa
  • Maija Kurki
  • Marja Saleva
  • Tiina Palmu
  • Timo Marila
  • Ville Mäkilä

Aura Saarikoski, Eeva Hannula, Heini Vanhanen, Hertta Kiiski, Hilja Mustonen, Jussi Virkkumaa, Maija Kurki, Marja Saleva, Tatu Gustafsson, Tiina Palmu, Timo Marila, Ville Mäkilä


Jätkä 1 16.2.-3.3.2013


A group of artists from Turku and Helsinki display photographs, films and installations

– – – – – –

There are twelve of us. What we all have in common is photography, more specifically photography studies that we all began together at the Turku Arts Academy in the fall of 2008. Over the past four years, we have become more different than we were at the beginning. At the moment, some of us are based in Helsinki and some in Turku. Some have continued their studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts or at the Aalto University photography department, while others work as freelance artists.

The exhibition approaches photography from different perspectives and deals with it in a variety of ways. The exhibition includes photographs, text, films and installations mainly from 2012 and 2013.

Further information:
Hertta Kiiski, hertta(at)herttakiiski.com, +358 40 584 6838