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Pauliina Turakka Purhonen


Jätkä 2 14.11.-29.11.2015

Pauliina Turakka Purhonen
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, together with Kalle Turakka Purhonen

Hello Helsinki!

I am good at getting lost, but usually I don’t have time for it. For that reason and because of convenience I use the same routes, walking to work via my child’s preschool and back home the same way. I may pop into the galleries along the way, but not often. Therefore my view of this wonderful city is inevitably narrow.

For this exhibition I asked some special people to show me a place in Helsinki where they enjoy spending time. Once there, I drew both the person and the place. Sometimes I failed, creating nothing but a mess. I tried not to freak out and just continued drawing, letting myself get a little lost. Other times I felt like I got a grip on both the subject and the crayons.

A big thank-you to my guides!

We will do a tour of the drawing sites, the trips and dates you’ll find here

Exhibition supported by:
Greta and William Lehtinen Foundation
Alfred Kordelin Foundation
Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Photo: Pekka Rantakari