• Sini Pelkki

Sini Pelkki

In Reality

Uudenmaankatu 28.2.-11.3.2007

Sini Pelkki
In Reality
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Familiarity and mundanity overshadowed with ambiguity, the reversal of inside and outside, the possibility of the two to be visible at the same time. These intricate and ambiguous motions and movements fascinate me, especially the challenge to portray them through an instrument, such as the camera that so obediently reproduces reality. What is reality and what is imagination? Where is the line between the two? To try to see beyond the factually visible, that is perhaps more real.

My interest lies in the picture in the photograph. Frame(s) intrigue me, both the limitation and the possibilities imposed and offered by a single frame. The restricted space of a frame, what is seen and what is just about inside. The elusive frame enchants me. How does one perceive a photograph, an image of somewhat recognizable and existing objects and surroundings. What do you see and how do you see? The subjectivity and intimacy of seeing is something I’m very interested in.

The video work “Statue” (35mm/DVD, 2006) is composed entirely of still photography. Thus it is also a photographic work, it continues locating the boundaries of the photographic image. With a figure in the middle of a wintery landscape. The subtle change of light from day to evening, causing the details of the surrounding nature to vanish, turning both the figure and the surrounding landscape into a silhouette. The movement and image is kaleidoscope like, turning the existing world into an apparational one, like a shadow play, with it’s root firmly in an existing mundane surrounding.

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