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  • Viivi Nieminen & Katri Naukkarinen

Viivi Nieminen & Katri Naukkarinen

Is everything deep beneath the surface?

Jätkä 1 9.3.-24.3.2013

Is everything deep beneath the surface?

Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari 1

K: Death this and post that. It’s like I’m swimming against the tide
when I emphasize the value of photographing.

V: I wonder what it is. Why isn’t photographing itself interesting?
Everything in a photograph is so strongly connected to the presence
of the camera. I don’t think one can get rid of it.

K: Technology makes the activity possible and at the same time
defines it. I always have my camera with me, not because I take
pictures of everything but because when I don’t have a camera with
me, it makes me feel that I’m valuing both my thoughts and
observations in advance.

V: I can describe my work process, but I prefer not to say what one
should see in a picture. I want to give the viewer an opportunity to
follow their own path through the picture.

K: I don’t think either one of us creates series, let alone builds

V: Pictures will come if you are open to them. I allow myself to
wander around and if I’m lucky, I find things that speak to me.
However, I have set some rules for myself. For example, I don’t take
pictures when I’m working in the darkroom. I don’t have time to
question whether a new picture would be better than the one I’m
working on.

K: I have mixed feelings about the way I work. It’s like I’m just
photographing all sorts of things. I can’t even explain the results, but
still I know what I’m doing.

V: Are we making all this too complicated? Should a picture just be
looked at as a picture?