JÄLKITILA / Riikka Niemistö and Maria Nupponen
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Projektrummet

Drawing with action. Dancing with brushes. Contours and faded images. Chaos and a longing for order.
Footprints on a clean floor. Newspaper and waste paper. Deeds done and left undone. What kind of traces
do we leave on the world, and what consequences do these traces have? How much trash do we leave behind, whether we like it or not?

“Jälkitila” is a performance boldly combining physical contemporary theatre, performance
art, visual art and dance. The aim is to use as much recycled and waste material as possible and mostly
avoid buying new things. During the performance paper trash, old newspapers, cardboard boxes and other
recycled materials are transformed into new shapes and images.

Riikka Niemistö and Maria Nupponen are professionals of two different fields of art from Helsinki, Finland. In their collaboration they explore the similarities and differences between performing and visual
arts, trying to find new forms of both creating and experiencing art, occasionally venturing out into each
other’s areas of expertise.

Premiere: Fri 16.5.2014. at 19.00.

Other performances: Sunday 18.5., Tuesday 20.5., Wednesday 21.5., Friday 23.5., Saturday 24.5.
All performances at 19.00.
Tickets 10/8e.

Ticket reservations jalkitila(at)gmail.com
More information: jalkitila.wordpress.com, Riikka Niemistö/050 531 5517
Location: Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Tyynenmerenkatu 6