• Jenni Rahkonen, Galleria Huuto

Jenni Rahkonen

The inner surface of the outermost layer

Huuto II 23.7.-15.8.2021

Jenni Rahkonen
The inner surface of the outermost layer

The artist is present 24–25 July at 12–17

The exhibition features works created using different printing methods. They are records of bodily activities, swinging between controlled and uncontrolled.

Most of the papers and printing inks are handmade. Attention is focused on how the materials appear when used in different ways and interacting with each other.

The process, as expected, brings about unexpected opportunities. The most thought- provoking ones have to be seized.

By closely observing colors and the degree of gloss and translucence, the aim is to take root in the material reality and feel one’s involvement in it and, on the other hand, imagine other kinds of worlds.

Jenni Rahkonen lives and works in Helsinki. She is currently finishing her master’s studies at the Academy of Fine Arts.

The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Art Society.