• Juha Vanonen: Untitled (7), 173 x 130 cm, akryyli ja spray kankaalle, 2020
  • Juha Vanonen: Untitled (5), 150 x 150 cm, akryyli ja spray kankaalle, 2020
  • Juha Vanonen, Studying letter S with Saima, 220 x 165 cm, akryyli ja spray kankaalle, 2020

Juha Vanonen

Cut Copy

Huuto II 2.4.-25.4.2021

Juha Vanonen
Cut Copy

Galleria Huuto is open on Easter!
On Good Friday 2nd of April 2021, on Saturday 3rd of April and on Easter Sunday 4th of April the gallery is open as usual 12-5 pm.

Cut and copy by painting
Broken paint surfaces and lines create a sense of movement and space in abstract paintings.

The CUT COPY exhibition features works in which the strokes are sharply cut, moving and changing shape. Vanonen paints expressively, but the interrupted strokes are an indication of a deliberate painting process. He photographs his incomplete works, digitally alters the images and then recreates the changes on the canvas. The paintings are abstract depictions of movement and space. In addition to the abstract paintings, he has copied writing exercises done with his daughter as well as an audio track curve. They also appear as abstract works, but they do add perspectives to the exhibition theme.

Juha Vanonen is a Helsinki-based visual artist. He has had several solo exhibitions in Helsinki.
The artist’s work has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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