• Juliana Hyrri
  • Juliana Hyrri: Ongelmia paratiisissa, akryyli kankaalle, 140x140cm (yhteismitta, diptyykki), 2019
  • Juliana Hyrri: Rintauimarit, akryyli ja spray kankaalle, 100x100cm, 2019
  • Juliana Hyrri: Sarjakuvanovellista Siniset uimahousut, lyijykynä paperille, ½ originaalisivua, 2019
  • Juliana Hyrri: Raidalliset uimapuvut kaakeliviidakossa, akryyli kankaalle, 70x110cm, 2019
  • Nukkumaanmenoaika, akryyli kankaalle, 120x90cm, 2019
  • Juliana Hyrri: Tiikerit trooppisessa myrskyssä, akryyli kankaalle, 160x95cm, 2019

Juliana Hyrri

Come I’ll show you

Huuto I 8.11.-1.12.2019

Juliana Hyrri
Tule niin näytän / Come I’ll show you (Piirustuksia, maalauksia ja installaatio)
8.11. – 1.12.2019

Saturday 23.11. the exhibitions are open until 6 pm.

We climbed so high, where the thorns prickled our hands
and it felt kind of sticky
That’s where the nest was, we had to get there
Just a little further
There were three dotted eggs and one
fluffy baby bird
we took it
Later we held a ceremony

The exhibition features drawings, paintings and an installation. The drawings are the starting point for the exhibition, shredded pieces and pages of comics that I worked on for a collection of short stories between 2016 and 2019. The stories are based on past childhoods and a child’s logic in questionable chains of events. I tell about the use of power, learned rituals, death, perhaps even love.

The representation of the drawings in a different time and using a different medium, removed from the original context, changes the narrative. The original drawings and especially the stories linked to them tell about the past, while the works created on the basis of the drawings point towards the present.

Juliana Hyrri (b. 1989) is a Helsinki-based visual artist who mainly works with drawing, painting and prose. She is interested in the moments when something is revealed, making one see the world in a different way. Comics allow Hyrri to combine all her working methods. Her first comic book was published in March. Nightingale that Never Sang (Suuri Kurpitsa, 2019) tells about different, even ominous childhoods. In November 2019, Hyrri will begin working on her next graphic novel at the Saari Residence maintained by the Kone Foundation. Her works are included in the collections of Basware and Aalto University as well as in private collections.

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