• Kaisa Jussila: Ajattelija, kivilitografia, 2021
  • Kaisa Jussila: Kodin jäljet, rakukeramiikka, 2020
  • Kaisa Jussila: Oksien talo, tussipiirros ja kultaus, 2020
  • Kaisa Jussila: Ilkeä yksisarvinen, lasitettu ja maalattu keramiikka, 2020
  • Kaisa Jussila: Kultaisen kirjan vartija, lasitettu ja maalattu keramiikka, 2020
  • Kaisa Jussila: Unen sininen tiikeri, lasitettu keramiikka, 2019
  • Kaisa Jussila: Lepakko, kivilitografia, 2021

Kaisa Jussila

Ancient and Forgotten

Huuto II 28.5.-20.6.2021

Kaisa Jussila
Ancient and Forgotten
28 May–20 June 2021

The artist is present: Sat 29 and Sun 30 May at 12-5pm.

The themes of the Ancient and Forgotten exhibition are the past, memories and the world of imagination.

Over time, all lives that have been lived disappear. However, there is something left if you look closely: signs on building walls, letters that were by chance kept, photographs. By peeking behind the curtain of the subconscious and dreams, one can find a way to lost stories.

The exhibition features printmaking works and three-dimensional ceramic and paper works. The works bring together the worlds of fairy tales, everyday life and mystery. Together they create a multidimensional dialogue. I work intuitively. I want my art to make the viewer think and look for meanings.

My work has been supported by the Foundation for the Promotion of Karelian Culture (KKES) and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

KAISA JUSSILA (b. 1979, Vantaa) lives and works in Tohmajärvi in North Karelia. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. For the artist, printmaking and ceramics are each other’s opposites and extremes. Paper art serves as a renewing and unifying element between them. Through her expression, she strives for both strong technical virtuosity and playfulness.

Instagram: @kaisa.jussila