• Linda Roschier: Urheilutähti / Sport star
  • Linda Roschier: Hellää pulinaa / Gentle chatter
  • Linda Roschier: Uteliaisuus 3 / Curiosity 3
  • Linda Roschier: Näkemisestä / About seeing

Linda Roschier


Huuto I 6.3.-18.6.2020

Linda Roschier
6.–15.3. and 2.-18.6.2020

When the potato tells you to do something, it is probably best to obey.
Put me on board a ship and take me across the sea. Okay then.

I need to get to the red sand desert

From underground to above ground
From above ground back underground

The wild potato is dreaming
In its linen sheets


“Bardo” is a Tibetan term for an intermediate state between death and the next rebirth.
The Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead (“Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State”) is a Tibetan collection of texts from the 1300s. The texts are meant to be read out loud to a dead person because they contain valuable advice for the phase following death.
At a more general level, the word “bardo” refers to a period, intermediate state or space that we experience between any two spaces.
The less known bardos described in the traditional texts are the bardo of dreams, the bardo of meditation and the bardo of this life – ultimately the period between life and death.


Linda Roschier (b. 1979, Vantaa) lives and works in Helsinki. She has studied painting at Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts and art education at Aalto University. Her exhibition features oil paintings and a small three-dimensional work.
The ancestors of the Roschier family came to Finland around the same time as potatoes.

The exhibition has been supported by Taike Arts promotion centre Finland

linda.roschier(a)gmail.com / www.lindaroschier.com / +358405398552