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Liquid quartet live at Galleria Huuto
14 Oct 2016 at 7 pm.

Liquid is a music quartet composed of two dancers and two musicians. The group’s
special feature is that the dancers think and behave as instrumentalist, producing
visual music and interacting with the musicians to create unique sound flavours and
to literally project the music in the third dimension of space.

The very special feeling and understanding between the members of the quartet
create a magical oneness, allowing them to constantly cross the boundaries of
traditional dance and music performance, re-imagining the relationship between
dancers and musicians on stage.

A Liquid concert offers an experience where senses merge, where beauty and elegance
create a mesmerizing and multi-layered visual and auditory performance.

Liquid is Giorgio Convertito (dance), Moritz Cartheuser (electric guitar and
effects), Libero Mureddu (piano and keyboards) and Terhi Vaimala (dance).

Facebook: Liquid live at Huuto