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Viiskulma 23.1.-3.2.2008

In the occasion of his solo show in Huuto Galleria (Viiskulma), the artist Panos (Panagiotis) Balomenos is presenting an installation of 12 watercolours and especially for the official opening, a live presentation entitled “The Captain”, with the use of a uniform.

The main interest of the artist is the theatricality that governs the case of the Army Institution (as any other one) through the use of certain formalities, specific uniforms and a strict homogeneous code. The profile of the Institution is altered into something that in reality does not exist as social phenomena and therefore is missing: the Department for Love Matters.

In this imaginary dimension the whole structure of the Institution is represented as a collective portraiture that expresses irrationality, laziness, sensuous sexuality, vulnerability, irresponsibility, ambiguity and an unusual libidinousness.

The exhibition features a thematic that can be viewed through the following sequence:

1. “The Camp”
2. “The Day Off”
3. “The Gate”
4. “The Unity”
5. “The General”
6. “The Captain”
7. “The Guard”
8. “The Document”

1. “The Dormitory”
2. “The Bathroom”
3. “The Shower”
4. “ThePortrait”

Special Thanks to Claudia Calabi