• Minja Karoliina Laakso, yksityiskohta teoksesta Hidden place, 2024, akryyli, öljyväri ja hiili kankaalle
  • Minja Karoliina Laakso: Lepopaikka (uuden alku), 2024, 90x110cm, öljyväri ja öljypastelli kankaalle

Minja Karoliina Laakso

The Arms of the Night

Huuto II 23.5.-16.6.2024

Minja Karoliina Laakso
The Arms of the Night
23 May–16 June 2024

The darkness of night falls and spreads its veil
Under the cover of darkness, relying on it, spirits awaken
A new world opens up
I feel the tail splashing against the rocks
The tail moves gently
Trees sigh in the glow of the crystal ball
The moon grows and shrinks
In the arms of the night

I paint something unknown and make it visible. Worlds to dive into and get lost in. Stories and secrets. Hidden places and dreams.

Minja Karoliina Laakso (b. 1988, Lahti) is a visual artist with a degree from the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. She currently lives and works in Helsinki. Her main form of expression is painting. Laakso’s works have been on display at various solo and group exhibitions in Finland. Her works are positive and figurative but not realistic. Their world is in the universe of surrealism, naivism, myths and stories. This is Laakso’s first solo exhibition at a gallery in Helsinki.

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