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  • UUSI SUKU - yksityiskohta

Jaana Rannikko

NEW KIN – A Study of Orlando II

Pikkujätkä 20.8.-4.9.2016

Jaana Rannikko
NEW KIN – A Study of Orlando II
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Pikkujätkä

On the Night of the Arts the 25th of August, the artist keeps the exhibition open until 11 pm.

I’m a midwife. I bring a new kin into the world. For five years I walk around in the museums and piece by piece, photograph thousands of portraits. In a mobile city studio I photograph portraits of people from Paris to Brussels.

I’m Dr. Frankenstein. I bring a two-dimensional tribe to life by projecting photos on top of each other, layer by layer. With selected bits I embroider a third gaze on the girl, a parrot on the boy, a collar of lace for the man and a letter of the law for the woman.

Collages, dialogues. Who’s slamming the doors? The seed grows into a bone or a tree. In the shelter of the shield and the peel. To transform, shape, mould, to change. Beginning the study again. From one season to another and back. A study for humanity. A collector’s eye.

There’s head, no tails, no shaking of legs. Sit down, I do have time.

Jaana Rannikko (b. 1978) is a visual artist from Helsinki. She deals with history, the layers of humanity and the possibilities of breaking time and space. Rannikko is interested in the soundless dialogues of the works and invites images to open their stubborn silence.

The exhibition has been supported by The Arts Promotion Centre in Finland / National Council for
Photographic Art.

More information:
Jaana Rannikko
040 585 1645