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Aleksi Martikainen

Notes about water

Jätkä 1 28.1.-12.2.2017

Aleksi Martikainen
Notes about water
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 1

Notes about water presents a body of work that combines traditional intaglio techniques with sculpture, sound and movement. The exhibition snoops around Finnish national romantic landscapes and explores details in and around nature that have grabbed my attention.

Water for me is a contradicting element. I feel calmer when there is water around. On the other hand, I am alienated from nature, I can hardly swim.

The last time I rowed a boat was two years ago. During the last five months I have been outside Helsinki city center about four times. I can only imagine how an endless journey on an icebreaker calms my mind and I am immersed in observing the coastline.

Notes about water – detailed observations on nature made in the artist’s studio.

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