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Tiina Kaisa Leppänen

Outdoor paintings

Jätkä 1 24.1.-8.2.2015

Tiina Kaisa Leppänen
Galleria Huuto Jätkä 1
24 January – 8 February 2015

Tiina Kaisa Leppänen creates outdoor paintings at different times of the year using oil paints on birch plywood. The starting point for her work is figurative such as a jungle-like thicket by the water, a street in the evening or shadows on the painting surface in a summer forest. As she proceeds, her paintings become less figurative and little by little more abstract and expressive. The feel of the material is an essential part of painting. The place, presence and way of painting become intertwined. The works have been completely painted outdoors by Lake Pyhäjärvi and in the Pyynikki forest, Tampere.

Further information:

Tiina Kaisa Leppänen
050 5737958