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Hanna Räisänen


Viiskulma 26.10.-13.11.2011

Hanna Räisänen’s exhibition displays paintings that are based on swatches knitted by the artist herself. The series of small paintings consists of 30cm x 32cm oil paintings on canvas. For the bigger paintings the artist has used MDF board as the base.

Hands, doing things with hands and comprehension have recently been the most central themes in the artist’s works. The paintings in this exhibition study the surface and structure of the knitting. The starting point has been the desire for a tranquil and peaceful lifestyle. The artist sees the slowness of knitting and these paintings as an escape from a hectic life.

Hanna Räisänen graduated from the Lahti Institute of Fine Arts in 2006. She has held private exhibitions at Taidepanimo in 2007 and at Gallery Uusi Kipinä in 2010, both of which are located in Lahti. In the fall of 2008, she took part in the Helsinki Artist Society’s Ilmapiiri group exhibition at Kanneltalo in Helsinki. This exhibition at Gallery Huuto is her first private exhibition in Helsinki.