• Simo Mantere, kutsu
  • Dirty, sekatekniikka kankaalle, 2015
  • Kosketus / Touch, sekatekniikka kankaalle, 2016
  • Maalaus / Painting, sekatekniikka kankaalle, 2015
  • Maalaus / Painting, sekatekniikka kankaalle, 2015
  • Toinen iho / Another Skin, sekatekniikka kankaalle 2016
  • Utuinen / Foggy, sekatekniikka kankaalle 2016

Simo Mantere


Jätkä 2 21.1.-7.2. 2016

Simo Mantere
Maalauksia / Paintings
21 January – 7 February 2016
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2

My solo exhibition Maalauksia / Paintings at Galleria Huuto features some of my latest pieces.

In my paintings the paint has been spread on the canvases in different ways. My paintings consist of colors, shapes, marks, layers and orders. I have painted and added marks on the canvas. On the other hand, I have also covered or wiped away parts of the painted surface.

During the painting process I have begun to reflect on layers of memories, how some of the memories are attached to our bodies, hidden deep in the subconscious or totally erased. My artistic work is about leaving my mark on the world and about the experience of existence.

Simo Mantere is a painter who lives and works in Helsinki. This exhibition at Galleria Huuto will be Mantere’s sixth solo exhibition. Mantere has also taken part in various collective and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.