• Marginaali ry
  • Matleena Jänis
  • Ilona Ikonen
  • Emilia Lehtinen
  • Minna Parkkinen
  • Laura Uusitalo

Marginaali Ry


Uudenmaankatu 9.12.-23.12.2009

Marginaali Ry
9.12. – 23.12.2009
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Welcome to the art picnic at Galleria Huuto. The group exhibition by Marginaali ry ponders the many scopes of human life by means of photographs, video art, experimental film, paintings, and collages. Pine martens enjoy a cup of coffee, apartment houses become jigsaw puzzles, memories of death give birth to something new, and childhood fantasies take their place in a painting.

Dwi Setianto: photographs
Laura Uusitalo: paintings
Matleena Jänis: photographs
Ilona Ikonen: a video
Minna Parkkinen: an experimental film trilogy
Emilia Lehtinen: collage works
Marko Myllynen: photographs

Marginaali ry is an artists’ association that supports experimental audiovisual art.

Contact info:
+358 440 888 134