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Jonna Salonen


Jätkä 2 1.10.-16.10.2016

Jonna Salonen
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 2

Words flow on the edge of a field, while fishing at a lake or in a dark spruce forest where I sit listening to a tawny owl’s song. I carry speech and words with me in nature, whether it is a Daubenton’s bat, an aspen or a perch caught on a fish hook. A forest path is covered in conifer needles and tree roots and in the evening moths fly against the window forming words. I know there’s a roach underwater even though I don’t see it and a pond always has a bottom.

For me words are strong and therefore language, words and speech are very much present when creating images. Through nature I deal with and perceive the meaning of words, speaking, writing, understanding of words and naming.

Things that grow and exist in nature, the flora and fauna, have always interested me and have thus formed their own artistic background and content of work. I often find pieces of wood in nature and the original material is turned into a visual form by whittling and carving the wood with a knife and a chisel.

More information:
Jonna Salonen, jonnamarika.salonen(at)gmail.com