• Ella Tahkolahti & Arttu Kurttila

Arttu Kurttila, Ella Tahkolahti


Uudenmaankatu 12.2.-2.3.2014

Ella Tahkolahti & Arttu Kurttila:
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
12 February – 2 March 2014

have to…
“… Don’t sign the contract for the term beginning in June and then move. Take your letter of reference to the employment agency. The reason for terminating the contract: the contract was for a fixed term.”
That will work as long as the employer doesn’t inform the employment agency, but if they tell the agency that they did offer a contract extension and the unemployed person declined the offer, then there will be a 2-month waiting period for declining the offer. However, of course, it’s shorter than the waiting period after quitting which is three months.

An illegal waiting period!
I definitely would have appealed in that case. I would have gone all the way to the Supreme Court. The employment agency has to obey the law too.

Don’t give advice that will inevitably lead to a waiting period.

– Extracts from discussions: Suomi24 / quitting and waiting period?

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“The obligation to work refers to the withdrawal of unemployment benefit for an indefinite period.”

– Ministry of Employment and the Economy, analyses 31/2011: The withdrawal of unemployment benefit due to an action regarded as inappropriate in terms of the labor policy

The exhibition has been supported by the Kone Foundation, Viewsonic and Reprum ry.