• Satamadantsut 15.9.2012
  • Kriminaalne Elevant
  • Indrek Liit
  • Erki Kasemets
  • Tonttu
  • Boldo (video still)
  • Boldo
  • Khadak (video still)
  • Nomad wave (video still)



Saturday September 15th, 2012 6pm – 01am
Jätkäsaari Makasiini L3, 4th floor
(Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Helsinki)

AAARGH! – 10 Years Later

Hilma Glad
(Tanja Tiekso, song and guitar, ja Saara Rautio, harp, Juho Kaitajärvi, gitars) (FIN)
Erki Kasemets, performance (EST)
Indrek Liit (accordion) ja Rita Altmets (shaman drum) (EST), dance music
Tonttu, Pasi Mäkelä’s performance (FIN)
Kriminaalne Elevant (EST)

DJ Pasi Rakas Jääskeläinen

And Mongolian video performances:
S. Mashbat
T. Enkhbold

The evening begins with Hilma Glad – that is Tanja Tiekso singing sensitive songs to the accompaniment of guitars and a harp. After this presentation Erki Kasemets, the most known Estonia trash artist, will do participatory performance in the premises.

Later in the evening the accordionist and composer Indrek Liit will perform a set of Argentinian tangos that were created to tune Tallinn as the cultural capital at Tango Port Tallinna. The tangos will continue to other dance music and it will all be given a special rythm by Rita Almets and her self-made shamanistic drum.

After the tangos Kriminaalne Elevant will perform. The group was founded around animation films created by the composer Kaspar Jancise. The band plays music that really makes you want to dance, mixing nostalgic folk with carnival sounds.

Alongside the music we will be entertained by Pasi Mäkelä’s performances. Mäkelä is a interdisciplinary artist based in Praque and professes side personalities such as Tonttu and Turhabuto. To finish the evening off DJ Pasi Rakas Jääskeläinen will play dance music from all over the world. Sometimes he is known to lecture on literature and writing, but not tonight.

And all this will be accompanied by Mongolian video performances in which the artists elegantly blend everyday life with mystic ritual, all in the midst of amazing Mongolian landscapes.

So put on your dancing shoes and come and join! Welcome!

In the L3-makasiini there will be Suksii Café-Bar to serve drinks and snacks to reasonable prices.

Thank You:
City of Helsinki Cultural Office
Arts Council of Finland
Tallink Oy