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Tuija Lampinen


Uudenmaankatu 13.7.-31.7.2011

Tuija Lampinen
13.7. – 31.7.2011
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

I mainly paint pictures of people. Thoughts arising from everyday events, encounters and recollections guide the painting process. The works are different from the original observation, but there is always some kind of a clue left. Coincidence plays a part in the paintings.

The paintings are some kind of prolonged moments, states of being. What is in the background becomes important. Shadows get a new role. They are everywhere. A shadow is interesting. It is simple and fascinating. It hides things behind the darkness and details cannot be recognized.

The works are oil paintings on canvas from 2010 and 2011.

Tuija Lampinen
+358 40 835 2955