• Johannes Kangas: Annunciazione muovipussissa
  • Johannes Kangas: Annunciazione
  • Johannes Kangas: Elämän lanka
  • Johannes Kangas: Kasvi
  • Johannes Kangas: Pahvitimantti
  • Johannes Kangas: Punainen fantom kävelyllä vaaleanpunaisen koiran kanssa
  • Johannes Kangas: Suojautunut
  • Kirsi Jokelainen: Karamellipapereita räsymatolla
  • Kirsi Jokelainen: Konttilan metsässä
  • Kirsi Jokelainen: Mattokaupassa
  • Kirsi Jokelainen: Polttarainen
  • Kirsi Jokelainen: Rigatoneja
  • Kirsi Jokelainen: Varsovasta
  • Kirsi Jokelainen & Johannes Kangas: Pieniä ja Pahvista

Johannes Kangas, Kirsi Jokelainen

Small Ones and Of Cardboard

Uudenmaankatu 25.1.-12.2.2017

Kirsi Jokelainen & Johannes Kangas
Small Ones and Of Cardboard
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
25 January – 12 February 2017

small ones
For my exhibition, I have painted over one hundred small paintings that together form a sort of half-installation, a little excerpt of (my) life: images of the surrounding world – near and far, experienced and dreamed, memories of childhood, food pictures and, as always, small or even “insignificant” details, bystanders, yet so central, like now as an important part, plants, mainly weeds as well as a starry sky and skulls. People who are close to me, a key to my childhood home, Rome and a carrot. This is like a middle-aged person’s interim report of life, the past and the present, my paintings.

Kirsi Jokelainen

Of Cardboard
First my paintings turned into cardboard works. There was a matchbox and rolls as well as other cardboard works. Then paintings on cardboard. Holy ones, a mountain, industrial areas as well as the Red Phantom maintaining order in society. Together these form an entity of works in the space.

Johannes Kangas

Kirsi Jokelainen (b. 1970) and Johannes Kangas (b. 1967) are artists who graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1996 and 1997 respectively.

We wish to thank the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Häme Regional Fund.

Further information:
Kirsi Jokelainen: kirsi.m.jokelainen(a)gmail.com
Johannes Kangas: kangasjohannes(a)gmail.com