• JP Köykkä: Out of the Box, akryyli, sahanpuru, öljy, spray, bitumi ja kollaasi kankaalle, 160 x 140 cm, 2018
  • J-P Köykkä: Design-astia, akryyli, öljy, spray, lyijykynä, sahanpuru & bitumi kankaalle, 100 x 70 cm, 2019

J-P Köykkä

Still life paintings

Huuto II 1.3.-24.3.2019

J-P Köykkä
Still life paintings
1.3. – 24.3.2019

Hey how about the box
I was thinking that
it has room for everything
without an unnecessary feeling of space
or spare time for thoughts

the same clear things
one feeling
two expressions
three repeats
four corners

the second time around
I can see it straight away
this will not fit into the container
these are all different shapes, too
and nothing looks the same

it is pushing its way
through the skin
through the ceiling
over the sides
although there is space at the bottom
if one just behaves

there is no way
to grasp everything
even if you understand the principle

this makes it clearer
it is impossible to ask
it is good here now
it makes sense to stay here


J.P. Köykkä (b. 1987) graduated in fine art from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2015. He lives and works in Ylöjärvi. The exhibition features his new still life paintings.

The exhibition has been supported by the Alli and Allan Salo Fund as well as the Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Arts Council of Pirkanmaa.