• Studio 44
  • Miia Rinne, new painting on film in process
  • Maija Blåfield, Golden Age, video work, 2012
  • Kaisaleena Halinen, Silence-installation of 13 stumps covered with black velvet
  • Kaarina Ormio, A Still from the super 8 film on Princess Algieba’s, Princess Bellatrix’ and Prince Betelgeuze’s Travels
  • Outi Pieski, Under A Birch Tree, 2012
  • JOKAklubi

Kaarina Ormio, Kaisaleena Halinen, Maija Blåfield, Miia Rinne, Outi Pieski

STUDIO 44, Stockholm, Sweden



Galleria Huuto at Studio 44

Maija Blåfieldwww.maijablafield.com
Kaisaleena Halinenwww.kaisaleenahalinen.fi
Kaarina Ormiowww.galleriahuuto.net/kaarina
Outi Pieski
Miia Rinnewww.miiarinne.com

The exhibition deals with fantasies and tacit knowledge. In tacit knowledge we bear all our physical, intuitive, genetic and mythic experiences. Tacit knowledge we know but cannot tell verbally; can it be processed in art?

Besides the exhibition, Huuto will present a one-night show by JOKAklubi. 

JJOKAklubi is a small group of Finnish visual artists and performers. Its members are Niina Lehtonen Braun, Mirka Raito and Tellervo Kalleinen. JOKAklubi combines performance, music and visuality within humorous yet sincere shows. http://jokaklubi.blogspot.fi/

Exhibition is a part of an exchange program between Galleria Huuto and Studio 44.


Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm.

Öppettider: onsdag– fredag 12–18, lördag – söndag 12–16.
Information: miia.rinne(at)gmail.com

The artists have been supported by:
Frame Foundation
Oskar Öflunds stiftelse
Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation
Arts Council of Finland