• Beata Joutsen & Anna heikkilä: Cherry Orchard / Pauliina Turakka Purhonen: Wounded Wings
  • Karolina Kucia: Bodydouble
  • Eero Tiittula: Collected Essays
  • Marina Cigla: Tail Dress / Mimosa Pale: Drama hat
  • Kaarina Haka: Detachable Collar
  • Maria Duncker & Maija Saksman
  • Miia Rinne & Piia Rinne: Chiffon Scarfs
  • Mimosa Pale & Kaarina Ormio: Face Theatre Hat, Samurai Dress
  • Marjo Levlin: National Dress
  • Maria Duncker and Max Latva: Porco Dio and Coda Bikini
  • Raita Virkkunen: Courier
  • Mari Prekup: Teachings of the Cross
  • Kati Joki: Tribe Rug -collar
  • Kaarina Ormio & Markus Tuormaa: Will-o'-the-Wisp Dress
  • Art Couture Boutique / Collage / Sven-Erik Stamberg
  • Eero Tiittula: Collected Essays
  • Maria Duncker and Max Latva: Porco Dio and Coda Bikini
  • Marina Ciglar: Tail Dress
  • Marjo Levlin: Female Tourist Uniform
  • Supermarket 2014
  • Art Couture at Supermarket 2014
  • Art Couture at Supermarket 2014
  • Art Couture at Supermarket 2014
  • Art Couture at Supermarket 2014
  • Drama Hat by Mimosa pale
  • Stuffed Animal Fur Coat by Kaarina Haka

Galleria Huuto at
SUPERMARKET 2014 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair:
Boutique Art Couture
Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 14-16 February 2014

Galleria Huuto participates in the international art fair for artist-run initiatives SUPERMARKET 2014 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair. Supermarket is an alternative for the commercial art fairs, and in addition to the successful art fair it is an interesting networking event for artists.

In Stockholm we present Boutique Art Couture that was on show in Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari in January. The Boutique will sell clothes and other everyday objects created by 28 artists, a part of them being Huuto members; sculptors, performing artists, painters, graphic artists and also a fashion designer who has worked as a curator in visual arts.

The store will feature wearable sculptures, striking evening dresses, performance costumes, everyday performance and also skateboards.

The exhibition space will be turned into a clothing store with a mirror and a dressing room. The aim is to sell at least some of the products at such a price that they could actually be seen in the street.

A collection of 14 Art Couture cards is also published at Supermarket.

The Boutique Art Couture is an attempt to bring art closer to people’s everyday life, and to offer artists alternative ways to use their talent. Despite the spiritual nature of art we introduce the more profane side of it in form of a clothing store and remove it from the frames where it is sometimes forgotten.

Art Couture artists:

Veikko Björk, Maja Breife, Marina Ciglar, Maria Duncker and Max Latva, Kaarina Haka, Eija Hakkola, Terhi Heino, Anja Helminen, Kati Joki, Beata Joutsen, Elina Katara, Karolina Kucia, Marjo Levlin, Kaarina Ormio, Mimosa Pale, Laura Pikarla and Goa Zweygbergk, Mari Prekup, Miia and Piia Rinne, Hans-Peter Schütt, Sven-Erik Stamberg, Elina Strandberg, Eero Tiittula, Markus Tuormaa, Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen, Raita Virkkunen

Sven-Erik Stamberg has created posters for the exhibition, and Marjo Levlin visits the opening in her piece National Dress sewn out of souvenir streamers.

Additional information: Kaarina Ormio, +358 45 638 4592, kaarina at galleriahuuto dot net

We thank Frame and the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation for their support.

11 Finnish galleries and contemporary art organisations will participate in this year’s Supermarket Art Fair

Held at Kulturhuset in the heart of Stockholm, Supermarket 2014 is an international event for artist-run organisations and an alternative to a commercial art fair organised concurrently in Stockholm. In addition to the successful art fair now in its ninth year, Supermarket has also acquired reputation as an international networking event. Supermarket 2014 will include over 80 exhibitors from 30 countries.

One of the highlights is the AllArtNow gallery from Damascus, which during the last two years has acted as a home for two families fleeing the war in Syria. Another highlight is Bhotsun Art from Lhase, which really is the definition of an underground gallery. Fearful of the Chinese government, they only invite friends and colleagues to their exhibitions. Georgia and Ireland are represented by several galleries and will be especially visible this year. Supermarket 2014 takes you around the globe: over 200 artists from all over the world meet the Swedish public in Stockholm.

The Finnish galleries and organisations participating in Supermarket 2014 are:
Filmverkstaden, Vaasa
Gallery Huuto, Helsinki
Gallery Rajatila, Tampere
Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki
Gallery VISU, Kokkola
Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki
MUU Gallery, Helsinki
Oulu Artist Association
Platform, Vaasa
Nordic Art Association Finland / The Association of Finnish Printmakers
00130Gallery, Helsinki

Stockholm is a topical art destination in February. Art from Finland will be showcased also elsewhere than just the Supermarket fair. Gallery Toolbox, a venue run by Finnish artists in Berlin, will organise an exhibition in Stockholm from 7 February to 2 March 2014 at Studio 44 (Tjärhovsgatan 44). Entitled “Emotional Circus,” the exhibition features artists Maija Helasvuo, Minna Jatkola, Mika Karhu, Jukka Lehtinen, Niina Räty, Juha Sääski and Matti Vainio. Riitta Päiväläinen’s exhibition “River Notes” will on show until 16 February 2014 in Galleri Andersson/Sandström (Hudiksvallsgatan 6). Hans Rosenström’s exhibition “In Good Faith” will be open until 1 March 2014 at the Finnish Institute (Snickarbacken 4).

Supermarket 2014 will be open from 14 to 16 February 2014 at
KULTURHUSET, Sergels torg 3, Stockholm, Sweden.
Opening hours: Friday 11–22, Saturday–Sunday 11–18.
Admission SEK120 (under-16s free of charge).