• Yksityiskohta teoksesta: The World I Left Behind (Bobb Trimble). 142 x 342 cm, grafiitti paperille, 2016
  • Forbidden Forest, 173 x 133 cm, 2016, tussi, paperileikkaus, pohjustettu Dipond-levylle
  • The Streaming, 109 x 84,5 cm, 2016, grafiitti, pohjustettu Dipond-levylle

Arto Nurro

The Streaming

Uudenmaankatu 4.5.-22.5.2016

Arto Nurro
The Streaming
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The exhibition is open also on Ascencion Day the 5th of May.

My drawings are seismography of the human psyche and body, signs of human presence in this time. We lead a seemingly limitless electronic lifestyle. We are devices that receive an overload of information, but ultimately we have to analyze everything in our own heads, in our minds tied to the flesh. Knowledge does not increase one’s understanding, sometimes it only increases confusion. There are, however, two truths: the journey began at one point and will end at another point. Everything in between is interesting speculation.

My exhibition will showcase large drawings created using ink, graphite and paper cuttings.

Thank you:
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Uusimaa

Arto Nurro
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