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Abdulwadud, Ali Fathi, Ali Kareem, Hassan, Heidi Elisabeth Hänninen, Mohammed

The time of someone waiting is…

Pikkujätkä 13.2.-28.2.2016

The time of someone waiting is…
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Pikkujätkä
13th Feb – 28th Feb 2016

We will see wall paintings made by Iraqis in Jätkäsaari in February. Galleria Huuto invited the visual artist Heidi Hänninen to curate an exhibition of asylum seekers to Pikkujätkä. Hänninen has been supervising a wall painting workshop as one of the volunteers in Koskela reception center since October 2015. The workshop has resulted in paintings on several floors of the reception center, describing among other things the far away home country and homesickness.
In the process painting exhibition in Pikkujätkä, ink paintings will appear on the walls of the space during the hanging week and later during the opening hours, telling about continuous and tormenting waiting that echoes from all the walls more or less the same every day, always with the same colour, as black lines in different thicknesses against as empty background as always. The painters of the exhibition are participants of the wall painting workshop in Koskela reception center.

Waiting for the unknown future…
…it feels so bad to wait:
like something is dying inside, all the time,
every day feels like dying
one more time.

“When I feel the fire inside I go to smoke, it’s the only thing that can calm it down.
Sleeping and eating just keeps me alive.”

We are waiting for the sun to rise in this dark finnish winter,
sometimes it’s shining but not for long time – and it ends soon.

It’s not affecting, we can’t feel it, it’s only the light…

…and the bad finnish news prevent the heat of the sun to arrive to you.

“When I was in a jail I was waiting for the day to be free again…
And now when I’m free – and I’m “safe”, I don’t feel the real freedom and safety”.

…I’m waiting….For the startpoint to build our life (again),

the promises from the finnish government – and the well treatment from the finnish people.

Everything goes away, humanity, that they were talking about – it disappeared.

Where is it? Where are the good news – I’m waiting.

There is no more humanity in this world?

…Was it just a lie? But I believed it.

…I’m here, still waiting.