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Arto Nurro

The world is the world

Viiskulma 24.8.-11.9.2011

The environments people live in as well as the experiences they encounter have changed drastically over the past hundred years. We live in an era of quasi-rationality. Business occultists play their games and the random effects can be seen everywhere. As specialists explain on TV how technological development will increase thousandfold during the next 50 years, the pace will only become faster and faster and therefore it’s worth asking one question: what the hell is going on?

My drawings are a personal attempt to interpret the external world from the inside and tell it through the pace of the lines. A line in a drawing doesn’t depict anything that can be seen. It comes from the otherness of the mind, from an invisible land. The world of my works is not based on rationality and it should not be interpreted through scientific, artistic or academic hair-splitting or displayed to money men idealizing Nazism of beauty and celebrity mystique. My works are created as a result of intuitive drawing, carefully working with the subconscious and using marker lines and collage techniques.