• Tiina Forsman: Kesäyö, öljy kankaalle, 107cm x 142cm, 2024, Kuva Pyry Weckman
  • Tiina Forsman: Keskiyöllä
  • Tiina Forsman: Mies ja kaksi aasia
  • Tiina Forsman: Pölyä
  • Tiina Forsman: Rannalla
  • Tiina Forsman: Retki
  • Tiina Forsman: Noita ja papukaija
  • Tiina Forsman: Kehrääjä
  • Tiina Forsman: Aamunkoitto

Tiina Forsman

Summer Nights

Huuto II 20.6.-14.7.2024

Tiina Forsman
Summer Nights
20 June–14 July 2024

The exhibition is closed on Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day 21 and 22 June.

I paint in oils on canvas and MDF boards. The surface plays a role in how my idea for a new painting develops.

My paintings feature people and animals in various situations, and the atmospheres vary depending on the situation. The painting process is slow, sometimes there is no progress. While working on a painting, different ways of communication emerge, the significance of animals as interpreters of emotions, dialogue, a general understanding of what one wants to say or what something should be like when depicting it as an image.

As the painting takes shape, my goals are often different from what they were at the beginning. The work is created layer by layer, and the painted layers may be thin or thick, rough or smooth. In a way, a painting is never really completed. The moment when nothing can be added or removed ends the painting process.

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