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Vappu Johansson

Save Our Bubbles

Huuto II 20.8.-12.9.2021

Vappu Johansson
Save Our Bubbles

The artist is present at the gallery on Friday 20.8., Saturday 11.9. and Sunday 12.9. at 12-5 pm.

I have been working in my bubble and it has been wonderful.

The exhibition at Galleria Huuto features works in which I examine the transience and joy of life. Is it an introvert’s self-centered joy of for once being alone? Or human happiness as one is still here today to witness the weirdness and unpredictability of life? Satisfying horror when one realizes that their normal life resembles a science fiction story. Bubbles only exist for a moment and there are dangers, such as sharp objects, everywhere.

I have created printing plates using photographs of soap bubbles and cactuses.

Printmaking is a process of repeated movements. Each repetition is similar to the previous one, yet different. A bit like breathing. While cleaning a plate and mixing the colors, I make decisions that shape the reality of the work. When I select a heavy dark color, the soap bubble becomes an iron ball. If I use translucent paste and add some pearl dust with a brush, the cactus spines turn into sparkling fuzz.

As an artist, I am free to decide what is heavy and what is light.

“Sometimes it feels like the world is a balloon traveling towards a cactus park…” Dave Lindholm


The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and VISEK.