• Ville Välikangas: Kaiku, 75x120cm, öljyväri kankaalle, 2022
  • Ville Välikangas: nimeton, 135x100cm, öljyväri kankaalle, 2022
  • Ville Välikangas: Valossa (2), 40x30cm, guassi paperille, 2022
  • Ville Välikangas: Auringon uni, 135x100cm, öljyväri kankaalle, 2022

Ville Välikangas

Huuto I 11.5.-4.6.2023

Ville Välikangas
The Dream of the Sun
11.5.-4.6.2023 (closed 18.5.)

I paint all the time and never take long breaks from painting. Painting is a way of life. I am interested in the themes of existence, and it has always been important to me to depict humanity. In addition to people, landscapes are a recurring motif. My works usually include figurative elements, but recently I have developed an interest in creating entirely abstract works. I do not really plan my paintings or make sketches. I create my works in moments of painting, through mistakes and successes on the surface. My style of painting is expressive and I use plenty of paint. In addition to figurative and abstract expressionism, my works are influenced by surrealism and naive art. Sometimes my works are also influenced by what is happening in the world, for example Russia invading Ukraine.

Ville Välikangas

The exhibition has been supported by the Kone Foundation.

Instagram: @villevalikangas_art