• Ville Välikangas, Galleria Huuto
  • Teosluettelo-Ville-Valikangas
  • Ville Välikangas: Under the stars, 103x71cm, oil on canvas, 2020
  • Ville Välikangas: Hauras matka, 146x125cm, oil on canvas, 2020
  • Ville-Valikangas-Olen-totta
  • Ville-Valikangas-nimetön

Ville Välikangas

Under the Sky

Huuto I 26.6.-19.7.2020

Ville Välikangas
Under the Sky

Painting is part of my life. It is a need among other needs. I often paint pictures of people. I am, in particular, endlessly interested in the face of a person. The characters I paint are fictional, but I often think that I depict myself in my works. I do hope that someone else could also find out something about themselves through my pictures.

In addition to a human character, there is always something figurative such as a landscape or trees in my paintings. However, at times a painting may end up being rather abstract. Individual colors or combinations of colors are often symbols of emotions for me. Of course, the color combinations are also purely created through the painting process – a certain color goes well with another color. My painting process is often rapid. On the other hand, it may take a long time for me to complete a work as I destroy layers of paint and then paint new layers on top of the ones I destroyed.

The exhibition is supported by The Finnish Art Society and VISEK.