• Hahmo II, 40x30cm, alkydi&öljy kankaalle, 2014
  • Hahmo I, 31x21cm, alkydi&öljy kankaalle, 2014
  • Hahmo III, 40x30cm, alkydi&öljy kankaalle, 2014
  • Hahmo IV, 40x30cm, alkydi&öljy kankaalle, 2014
  • Hahmo V, 80x60cm, alkydi&öljy kankaalle, 2014

John Grönberg

Waiting Room

Uudenmaankatu 10.2.-28.2.2016

John Grönberg
Waiting Room
10 – 28 February 2016
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

We have a body and mind and everything we experience with them is real. Touching is real. Hearing is real. Seeing is real. Smelling is real. Pain doesn’t need to be questioned because one feels it.

Thoughts are also real. When a thought is born, it is an image of a possible truth and as long as that thought exists the possibility cannot be denied.

What to do and what to choose if everything can be true?

This exhibition depicts the symptoms of change, the material and immaterial simultaneously squeezing through space and an individual’s attempt to control time.

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