• Thomas Rydberg: Letkuheiluritulkinta, öljy kankaalle, 110cm x 160cm, 2017
  • Aika valuu hukkaan, öljy kankaalle, 28cm x 60cm, 2017
  • Autonavaimia syöttämässä, akryyli kankaalle, 105cm x 100cm, 2017
  • Estotanssi, öljy kankaalle, 38cm x 26cm, 2017
  • Hänen suuri vaikutus, öljy kankaalle, 25cm x 48cm, 2017
  • Ishtar Maria, öljy ja hamppu kankaalle, 40cm x 50cm, 2017
  • Minulla on kerrottavaa, öljy kankaalle, 40cm x 40cm, 2017
  • Pikainen muutos tulossa, öljy kankaalle, 26cm x 38cm, 2017
  • Soita ENNEN KESKIYÖTÄ!, akryyli villalle, 140cm x 90cm, 2017
  • Tärkeän päätöksen edessä, öljy kankaalle, 10 0cm x 150cm, 2017
  • Usko mitä näen, öljy kankaalle, 28cm x 60cm, 2017
  • Uskomaton onni edessäsi, öljy kankaalle, 40cm x 40cm, 2017
  • Valtava konkurssi, öljy kankaalle, 190cm x 140cm, 2017

Thomas Rydberg


Jätkä 2 3.6.-18.6.2017

Thomas Rydberg
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2

The story is as follows….
The artist calls a television fortuneteller to acquire personal information for month June.
The fortuneteller ‘reads’ his request as an amalgamated projection of his frustration, his hesitations and unspoken ambitions; she ‘sees’ him as a maker in flux. Her response is a paradoxical alignment of words with a broken narrative; an intuitive blurb for a future.
That answer becomes the title of this exhibition.

And yet this anecdote –as peculiar as it might appear– sheds a light on Thomas Rydberg’s appropriation of mechanisms of intuition and contextual abstraction; mechanisms which have become prominent characteristics in his recent body of work.
Rough, almost abrupt painterly gestures, scratches and tactical additions of wool construct a vibrant chaos that in some occasions appears to morph into cannibal-like figures with somewhat voyeuristic attributes. Those paintings seem to propose a violent unmasking, bringing to the foreground screams and disorder. A plurality of forms and aesthetic mannerisms object all minimalistic tendencies and flirt with a long expressionistic tradition.

Rydberg’s intuitive art making is nothing more and nothing less than a direct, uncensored, unsolicited interpretation of a disembodied, deranged and frantic world; an abstraction of a raptured universe. And like the fortuneteller, the viewer is called upon to subjectively interpret it as a fragmented, discontinuous narrative.

With special mention to Ishtar Maria, charging 2,95€ per minute.

Text: Nikos Doulos

More information:
Thomas Rydberg
puh: 040 700 99 88