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Eerika Jalasaho

A Motion Study III

Pikkujätkä 18.6.-3.7. 2016

Eerika Jalasaho
Liiketutkielma III
A Motion Study III
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Pikkujätkä

Galleria Huuto is closed during Midsummer 24-26 June.

Liiketutkielma III / a Motion Study III is an interactive video work that allows the viewer to be in control of a motion through stopping and playing back videos of streaming waters. The theme of the motion studies – series is linked to the media itself that is being looked at from the art historical point of view and motion in process. The third piece of the series is on show at the first time and it focuses on dealing with process and mastering it. The vestige of the medium reflects the view of the modern digital world, identity and digital visual culture and also the relationship between digitality and nature.

Eerika Jalasaho (born 1987) is a Finnish visual and media artist based in Kuopio. Jalasaho is dealing with topics such as digital culture, social media and human experience in her works.
Her work has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Culture Fund and City of Kuopio.

The exhibition is organized in co-operation with Suomen AV-palvelut oy and Pukki Visuals.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland North Savo Art Council.
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Eerika Jalasaho, 0400725389, ejalasaho(a)gmail.com


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