• Fading away
  • Kehystetty
  • Kellujat
  • Say something
  • Seuralainen
  • Kaksonen
  • Näytös
  • Whisper
  • Puutarhuri
  • Missä sitten oletkin
  • Puoli tarinaa
  • Peilireittejä
  • Endless Thought
  • Äänetön
  • Yö vuosien välissä

Eveliina Hämäläinen

A Night between Years

Jätkä 1 21.1.-7.2.2016

Eveliina Hämäläinen
A Night Between Years
21 January – 7 February 2016
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 1

My works deal with moments, disappearance, change and remembering. The images contain recurring simultaneous events, overlapping landscapes as well as reflections and emptiness. The repetition, numerous horizons and internal paths within the paintings form temporal dimensions and narrative features. The themes depicted are like symbols and they are constantly changing. The themes are created from compilations of observations altered by imagination and references to real events, together forming a weave where absurd becomes possible.
The works have been created using tempera and oil on canvas and ink on paper.

Eveliina Hämäläinen (b. 1984) earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. Her art has been on display at various exhibitions, including Goodbye Ladies at Helsinki Art Museum’s Kluuvi Gallery (2014), T-Gallery in Bratislava (2013), FAFA Gallery in Helsinki (2013) as well as DDessin at Atelier Richelieu in Paris (2013). She has also taken part in set design and visualization projects as part of theater and contemporary circus productions, including Circo Aereo’s Mandarin & Désertée (2015) and Maracat Caravan’s Clunker Circus: Wonderfully Much of Everything (2014).

The exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.