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Anna Ruth


Viiskulma 1.2.-12.2.2006

*The word alignment is derived from the French
“à ligne” or “into line”.

”When you lack muscular mass, you can achieve physical
prowess through the correct alignment* of your body”.

-Performance artist Antonija Livingstone, January 2005
as I learned to do chin-ups before sauna.

I am interested in line: the physical texture, the function of dividing space and giving definition to shapes, the symbolism as a unifying element and the aesthetic simplicity.

Over the past few years I have exclusively used drawing as a research tool in my work as a visual artist, to unite fragments of stories derived from personal experiences both observed and imagined.

“Alignment” began with a knot of thoughts and questions related to myth, stability, identity, the body, maps and line.

This selection of drawings mixes cartography of the human body with street maps. The placement and juxtaposition of countries initially was intentional, according to my own personal background and experience. However my focus is not on the private symbolism of a specific place. I am concentrating on the red, yellow and black lines: the roads and veins, which deliver and take away elements, which affect survival.

In this new investigation of line, I am incorporating geographical maps to connect and create imagery, which depicts thoughts and questions of self and permanence. Beyond the historical cartography of the globe, I am thinking about how boundaries have helped solidify an illusion of control and permanence: the physical aesthetic of maps being just as satisfying as the symbolic reference to space and ownership.