• Maria West: Apparition
  • Maria West: Apparition
  • Maria West: Apparition

Maria West


Pikkujätkä 5.3.-20.3.2016

Maria West:
5–20 March 2016
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Pikkujätkä

The term apparition usually refers to a phenomenon that differs from the objective, material reality – possibly an immaterial or semi-material one. However, reality is subjective; we create our own reality. We see what we want to see. Our own emotional interpretations and memories are among the things that shape how we experience reality. UFO sightings and paranormal apparitions stem from our natural need to explain and complete the impalpable reality that surrounds us with simplified interpretations. This applies to the interpretation and understanding of any ordinary situtation.

Apparition is an exhibition that examines the concept of apparition via an installation consisting of image, text, objects, sound and video. From the exhibitions soundtrack one can pick up messages according to ones own interpretations. The exhibition also contains a zine, which will serve as a documentation, a proof, of the apparition of the exhibition.

apparitions come in two forms;
real & imaginary

what are those?

the question laughs at itself
obviously nothing is more real than anything else

if you imagine yourself having two left hands
then two left hands is what you have

what you get is what you see

the laws of nature are meant to be broken
or at the very least bent

there are no reliable points of reference
everything refers back to itself
a clock measures another clock, etc

how does anyone know what anything is

the evidence is right there
a miracle takes place every second

it’s all super hyper natural