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  • Sarjasta: Olotiloja
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Ville Mäkikoskela


Viiskulma 25.8.-12.9.2010

This exhibition consists of small sculptures which mostly are made out of different kinds of wood and about small water color and Indian ink paintings on paper. In addition I have used some other materials, for example: paper bag, aluminum and various small plants.

Works are like diary notes for me, moments in space or in site. Art pieces connect to my personal environment and architecture in general. My fleeting feelings and moods have had effects on shape of these spaces. In these works I play with perspective or our experience about perspective. Works are monumental although they are small.

Every work is like a situation and has drama and narrative in itself. If You want, You can read these pieces like short stories.

Art Counsil of Finland/ Visual Arts and Saari residency/ Kone Foundation have supported my artistical working for this exhibition. Thank You.

More information about the exhibition: mobile +358 40 532 0787.
You can check out my earlier works: www.villemakikoskela.fi