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Sara Pathirane

Chasing Waterfalls

Pikkujätkä 22.4.-7.5.2017

Sara Pathirane
Chasing Waterfalls
Gallery Pikkujätkä
22.4. – 7.5.2017

All Galleria Huuto’s exhibitions are open also on Sunday 30th April.

Sara Pathirane’s three-channel video installation’s Chasing Waterfalls subject is the human need to portray an image that has already been portrayed. Photography’s super-era, selfie sticks and human aesthetic desire to be in the landscape and to witness the landscape with a physical presence juxtaposes with performance artist’s action in a landscape. In both the human body faces the landscape in fiction. Fiction becomes reality through the forces of nature. The image is too unpredictable to be detained like an ocean on a full moon day.

The world is not a panopticon, always visible, but pankrypticon, always hiding. This makes the photography a treasure hunt to capture the unseen seen.

Chasing Waterfalls has been filmed in famous photographic location in Bali and Sri Lanka.

Sara Pathirane (1985) is a Helsinki-based visual artist. She is a graduate from the Finnish Academy of Arts (MFA). Her work deals with the tradition of landscape painting and the problematics of taking a picture. As shooting locations for her videos she uses nature areas known from movies and paintings, shifting between the everyday and the fiction. Pathirane works in video, live-installation and painting.

The exhibition has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland and VISEK.

Art historian Alina Belishkina’s text “The Near Side” on Sara Pathirane’s piece “Chasing Waterfalls”

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