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Mikko Myöhänen


Uudenmaankatu 4.1.-22.1.2012

Mikko Myöhänen
4.1. – 22.1.2012
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The works in the Constructions exhibition are stories about a city. I see a city as an image of humanity. In a way, it’s the greatest achievement of our technical expertise. Not many things are natural in a city – almost everything is man-made and inanimate. Still it’s like a living organism by nature, beating and puffing along without a guide or destination. It’s easy for a person to blend in and become an anonymous part of this living structure of one’s own making. This endless beat of a city can be seen and heard in the exhibition.

The paintings in the exhibition are city sounds and noise in a visual form – a layered network and battle of different signs, shapes and colors. In addition to the paintings, the exhibition includes a cardboard sculpture and a sound world.

Mikko Myöhänen
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