• Antje Pehle: Keskikesä
  • Carina Grandlund: The Hero is Burning
  • Elina Försti: Kevät
  • Ilka Raupach: The Swarm
  • Simona Soare: Peace Bird
  • Tiina Laasonen: Odotus
  • Dialogue Landscape

Suomalais-saksalainen näyttelyvaihtoprojekti


Jätkä 2 2.8-17.8.2014

Finnish-German exhibition exchange
Dialogue Landscape
Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari 2

Elina Försti FI
Carina Granlund FI
Tiina Laasonen FI
Antje Pehle DE
Ilka Raupach DE
Simona Soare DE

The common theme of the exhibition is a dialogue of the landscape. The artists approach the theme through both a concrete and mental landscape, each from their own perspective.
The works dive into the roots, fly in the sky and are influenced by the surrounding life. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures.

The curator of the Finnish‐German exhibition exchange project is Romanian born Simona Soare (Berlin / Busan, South Korea).
The artists’ common memory trace has been created in Ostrobothnia, western Finland. The Berlin‐based artists Antje Pehle, Ilka Raupach and Simona Soare have been residence artists at the Nelimarkka Museum (Alajärvi) between 2007 and 2011.
The Finnish artists live and work in Ostrobothnia. The group’s first exhibition took place in early 2013 in Berlin and the theme was Ensilumi ‐ Der Erste Schnee (“First Snow”).

The Regional Arts Council of Ostrobothnia, which is part of the Arts Promotion Center Finland, has supported the exhibition at Galleria Huuto.


Tiina Laasonen p. 050 3575531, tiina(at)tiinalaasonen.fi
Elina Försti p. 044 5574667, elina.forsti(at)japo.fi
Carina Granlund p. 0500 564156, carina(at)carinagranlund.com