• Henni Kitti: Teoksia valoa käsittelevästä sarjasta
  • Henni Kitti: Grafeeni / Saturnus; lyijykynä ja teippi paperille; 60 x 21 cm; 2018
  • Henni Kitti: Kuinka sekoittaa värejä silmissään; stereoskooppinen pari; mitat vaihtelevat; 2016
  • Henni Kitti: Mineraali ja Botticellin enkeli; lyijykynä ja kulta paperille; 105 x 87 cm; 2016 – 2018
  • Henni Kitti: Nimetön; lyijykynä ja värikynä paperille; 87 x 202 cm; 2013 – 2018
  • Henni Kitti: Timantti, Neljä spektriä, Nimetön
  • Henni Kitti: Anamorfiset kukat; lyijykynä, värikynä ja kulta paperille; 150 x 120 cm; 2018

Henni Kitti

Double Light

Huuto II 5.1.-27.1.2019

Henni Kitti
Double Light
5–27 January 2019

The theme often goes through an evolution of some sort as I work on it using different techniques and the visual elements keep appearing as new versions in one work after another.

I am interested in light and colors and may, for example, break different lights into spectra and take a photograph. I may use a pencil to draw rays and prevent the light from reflecting off the white paper by turning it gray. Sometimes I go too far and create such a thick layer of graphite on the paper that it begins to reflect light again, perhaps even more sharply than clean paper. I may draw a diamond that is carbon compressed into a transparent refractor of light and, on the other side of the paper, another that is slightly translucent. There is a shadow or a reflection, an undefined optical phenomenon. Associations, as if mutations, lead one at a time towards new ways of expression.

The theme may change its shape and so does the actual image sometimes. I am fascinated by changing shapes, anamorphosis and different viewing techniques, by the fact that an image is not immediately viewable and one has to be in a certain spot and change their eye position to be able to see an image. An image is hiding in front of one’s eyes; it’s there yet not visible.

Light and vision permeate all of my recent works. Things split and merge, merge and split, the cycle continues, shapes change. Sometimes I am able to form a stop that is, or that perhaps is a punctuation mark. I let things happen, I follow them where they want to take me.

Henni Kitti (b. 1985) is a visual artist and author. She draws, paints, photographs and writes. She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 and has also studied comparative literature and creative writing at the University of Turku. Her first novel, Elävän näköiset (WSOY), was published in 2014.

The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Art Society.

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