• Hän, akryyli- ja öljyvärimaali kankaalle, 150 X 120 cm, 2008. Kuva: Mauri Kuitula
  • Mauri Kuitula
  • Mauri Kuitula.
  • Mauri Kuitula.
  • Mauri Kuitula.
  • Kiiminkijoki (cancer in the dark), akryyli- ja öljyvärimaali, 150 X 120 cm, 2008. Kuva: Mauri Kuitula


Mauri Kuitula

Uudenmaankatu 12.11.-23.11.2008

Mauri Kuitula
12.11. – 23.11.2008
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The paintings of Mauri Kuitula take us inside a forest. In a way, the forest serves as a mirror for the wanderer: a tree might resemble someone we know and change our planned route. The landscape can even “rise up” before us and hinder us from moving on.

Kuitula’s landscapes unfold our inner feelings. The forest is scary in the same way as the subconscious that reveals us our unknown features; yet the works clear the path for us to take further steps – just like the subconscious.

In Kuitula’s works the forest is a metaphor for renewable life. Whenever we come from the forest, we’ve left something there, too.

Mauri Kuitula (b.1972) has earlier had three soloexhibitions in Gallery Bakeliittibambi in Helsinki. His works have also been shown in numerous exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.

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