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Galleria Huuto and Galleria Rankka who lost their facilities from L3 warehouse in Jätkäsaari are moving to Kamppi in August

Galleria Huuto and Galleria Rankka, who were dismissed at the turn of the year due to renovation from city owned and architect Lars Sonck designed building of L3 warehouse in Jätkäsaari, have signed a lease with Kojamo. The new spaces are located at Eerikinkatu 36 in old machinery and hydropower laboratory halls. Eerikinkatu 36, which were originally designed as University of technology’s machine engineering laboratory by architect Onni Tarjanne in 1933 and have later been used by Metropolia University of applied sciences for engineering studies, will be freed for the galleries in the start of August 2018. The rental agreement is concluded for two years.

The dismissal of artist run galleries Galleria Huuto, Galleria Rankka and Galleria SIC from Jätkäsaari’s former premises at the end of May received a lot of public attention during the spring. Late art critic Otso Kantokorpi’s address to help to save the galleries were signed by total of 1756 people. The influence of the petitions and public discussion on the solution is clear.

Galleria Huuto, which has been operating in Jätkäsaari since year 2012 has had four separate gallery spaces in the same premises and organized some 70 exhibitions annually. Galleria Rankka, which have operated since 2015, have offered exceptionally long six-week period exhibitions in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and overall exhibitions have accumulated around 20. In the future the volume and quality of both galleries will remain at least the same. Galleria Huuto and Galleria Rankka will move in their new premises in August.

Galleria Huuto is operating without facilities this summer but organizes ad hoc-exhibitions freely in public spaces in the form of #huutotemporary project.

Galleria Huuto’s Director, Henni Oksman, does not hide her relief in solving the long-term crisis of the gallery spaces:
Galleria Huuto has been run by artist community with relatively small amount of financial resources, and we have understood from the beginning that in order to offer artists the best possible opportunities, we will also have to change premises before long. The moving from Jätkäsaari came inconveniently and threatened the continuity of the entire gallery activity. We are very pleased that we have found the solution to the state of affairs with the city’s cultural and property affair officials and Kojamo. These new spaces provide highly functional and personalized gallery spaces which are located in easily accessible location close to other galleries in city center.

Facilities opening to Galleria Rankka in autumn also offer the opportunity to develop their own activities:
The new premises for Galleria Rankka allow the development of the marginal art association and emergence of new visions.” says Galleria Rankka’s Management Team.

Personally concerned about the future of the galleries, Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki is happy that the galleries and Kojamo have found a solution that pleases both sides in this difficult situation.
Temporary use of the buildings is something that Helsinki wants to promote. The city is continuously changing and it is in everyone’s interest that spaces that are unoccupied for the moment is flourishing with new life, activities and events. This applies to both city owned buildings and the private ownership in the building stock. I am very happy about the fact that Galleria Huuto and Galleria Rankka continue to operate in this beautiful building in excellent location for art lovers.

The Albertinkatu campus building released from Metropolia University of applied sciences in August is located in central, visible location in Helsinki and is easily accessible by public transport. It is a great thing that buildings released from educational use gets new life and cultural activities through temporary gallery spaces, so that buildings are not left empty during city planning.” Says Heikki Hirvonen, Project Manager of Kojamo’s Metropolia University of applied sciences development.

For more information:
Henni Oksman, Galleria Huuto, 0400 653 461, director(at)