• Soft Spot, Supermarket 2023
  • Soft Spot, Galleria Huuto in Supermarket 2023
  • Soft Spot, Galleria Huuto in Supermarket 2023

SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

This year, five Finnish galleries will form part of an international roster of nearly 60 artist-run initiatives that SUPERMARKET 2023 is presenting in Stockholm, Sweden. Set against the vast seascape that provides the backdrop to central Stockholm, Supermarket presents a bustling programme of visual and performance art, seminars, artist talks – and more.

At Supermarket Galleria Huuto shows the installation “S O F T S P O T” created by the working group Juliana Hyrri, Kaarina Ormio, Laura Pakarinen, Siiri Pohjolainen, Hans-Peter Schütt and Eero Yrjölä.



Galleria Huuto wants to offer you a space to unwind and recharge. Soft Spot is an installation where you can have a rest inside the thrilling atmosphere of the art fair.

As a gallery we are committed to a more inclusive, safer space for all. Respect others and their art experiences. Take time for yourself. Sometimes art might even spark a possibility for healing.


Juliana Hyrri julianahyrri.com @julianahyrri
Kaarina Ormio kaarinaormio.net @kaoor_kolmas
Laura Pakarinen @helmimilla
Siiri Pohjolainen siiripohjolainen.com @siiripohjolainen
Hans-Peter Schütt hps.ainoan.com @thisisxtralife
Eero Yrjölä eeroyrjola.com @eeroyrjola


Thank you
Galleria Huuto’s participation in Supermarket is kindly supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Finnish institute in Stockholm.