• Gunzi Holmström: Helig / Pyhä / Holy
  • Gunzi Holmström: Armoa, 2017, öljyvärimaalaus MDF-levylle, 32x26cm
  • Gunzi Holmström: INRI, 2017, öljyvärimaalaus MDF-levylle,80x60cm
  • Gunzi Holmström: Kontemplaatio, 2017, öljyvärimaalaus MDF-levylle, 32x40cm
  • Gunzi Holmström: Pyhä käärme, 2017, öljyvärimaalaus MDF-levylle, 80x60cm
  • Gunzi Holmström: Tietoisuus, 2017, öljyvärimaalaus MDF-levylle, 80x80 cm

Gunzi Holmström


Jätkä 2 9.12.-29.12.2017

Gunzi Holmström
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2
9.12–29.12 2017

Saint Clare of Assisi.
Your name is a flower
eaten by a beautiful giraffe.
(Gunzi H., 2017)

“I work with oil paints. My theme is spiritual mysticism which I express through abstract and symbolic forms. I am inspired by the prophets and saints’ revelations, but the intention is not to illustrate their experiences. Instead, I use contemplation and prayer to reach my own inner visions. I combine universal structures and symbols when reflecting on the relationship between the visible and invisible world. It is about energies that cannot be seen with the naked eye but, nevertheless, they are part of our reality.

The exhibition also features some poems inspired by the poetry of the mystical branch of Islam, Sufism.

While working, I have studied different mystical traditions. I have familiarized myself with Christian saints such as Hildegard of Bingen and Saint Clare of Assisi, read writings by Simone Weil and Emmanuel Swedenborg and immersed myself in the visual world of medieval church art.”

Gunzi Holmström will be at Galleria Huuto on Sunday 10 December and Saturday 16 December. She lives and works in Helsinki and over the years she has showcased her works in about twenty countries. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Valand Academy in Gothenburg in 2006.

THANK YOU: Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Eugène, Elisabeth and Birgit Nygrén Foundation

Visual artist Gunzi Holmström